DuMont Media Group Becomes New Shareholder at Facelift

Facelift has a new strategic partner: The DuMont Media Group. After the past 5 years of growth to over 200 employees, the new partner provides everything for the next phase of growth of Facelift’s offering. The two founders ...

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White Paper: How to Profit from the New Generation of Digital Customer Service with Messenger Bots

Our white paper explains all of the benefits and advantages for companies already using messenger bots for their customer service or wanting to use them in the future On Facebook, your company has its own ...

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White Paper: The quickest way to generate new leads with Facebook Lead Ads

Download our free white paper and reach more potential customers on Facebook Facebook Lead Ads offers a revolutionary advertising format, which allows you, as an advertiser, to reach new customers and generate new leads quicker ...

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White Paper: How successful Instagram marketing works

How to effectively use Instagram to generate a broader reach and more sales In 2012, Instagram was acquired by Facebook and Facebook has worked hard to ensure Instagram’s vigorous growth since then. Today, 400 million ...

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10 Tips and Tricks for Greater Interaction on Instagram

How to activate your target group on Instagram No other social network is as geared towards interactivity as Instagram and great photos usually get their first likes and comments after just a few seconds. Unlike ...

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7 tips for successful Facebook Ads

 27. August 2015    News

How to optimize your Facebook advertising for maximum ROI It is common knowledge amongst most advertisers that Facebook is one of the most successful ways of gaining awareness about your product or brand online. The ... read more 

Facelift becomes Facebook Marketing Partner for Ad Technology

 25. August 2015    News

Cross-channel social media marketing with just one solution The multi-award winning company Facelift from Hamburg (Germany), is now one of the first technology providers in Germany to have been distinguished as an “Ad Technology” expert within ... read more 

Facelift integrates Instagram advertising into the Facelift Cloud

 21. August 2015    News

How to place optimal ads for the right target group on Instagram Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks on the market. The takeover by Facebook in 2012 caused much criticism, however, instead ... read more 

4 types of posts that you shouldn't promote on Facebook

 17. August 2015    News

Why you need a clever Facebook strategy Facebook advertising is almost always fruitful, but in the worst-case scenario, it can also cost you a lot of money. As a rule, this scenario can occur when ... read more 

How to generate exactly the right B2B leads

 31. July 2015    News

With the right targeting, you can find many potential customers on Facebook It is one of the great Facebook myths: you can’t generate business-to-business leads on Facebook, or if you can, it isn’t easy. Even ... read more 

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