White Paper: How successful Instagram marketing works

 24. February 2016    News

White Paper: How successful Instagram marketing works

How to effectively use Instagram to generate a broader reach and more sales

In 2012, Instagram was acquired by Facebook and Facebook has worked hard to ensure Instagram’s vigorous growth since then. Today, 400 million users worldwide make Instagram one of the major social networks: Via Instagram, you can reach your target audience via imagery, which can only be found on this very platform. On Instagram, you will also find influencers and opinion leaders that are able to tremendously increase the profile of your brand or your product.

But how can you make sure that you are reaching these influencers and opinion leaders? Which target audiences prefer Instagram? How should you address these users and what kind of content is suitable for Instagram? These and many other questions are answered in our new Facelift Instagram white paper that was created in collaboration with InfluencerDB.

Influencer DB offers solutions via which you will be able to identify the relevant users on Instagram. A detailed profile analysis ensures that you will only find the influencers and opinion leaders that are a real fit for your brand and your products. In this way, you can use Instagram as a lucrative marketing channel.

The Facelift team consists of “Instagram marketing partners” who specialise in the implementation of highly efficient Instagram advertising campaigns and offer everything that is required for such campaigns: The Facelift cloud as the optimal technical solution as well as expertise, many years of experience and excellent customer support.

Step-by-step instructions for successful Instagram marketing

Step by step, this white paper shows you how to better and more successfully use Instagram for your marketing efforts:

  • Explanation of the different types of user groups
  • Instructions for successfully addressing these user groups
  • Description of different Instagram communication methods
  • Requirements for successful content
  • Determining the strategic objectives for campaigns on Instagram
  • Description of the main features of successful content
  • Influencer marketing instructions

Our white paper will enable you to accurately create the right kinds of content for your target audience. You will learn how to win over influencers to help you with your cause on a partnership basis and how to thereby ensure that your brand or your products become much better known.

Since finding the right people for a lucrative cooperation on Instagram is crucial, this white paper will show you how to proceed, if you would like to find these individuals and work with them, by offering a detailed guide.

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