The most efficient path to relevant content


The most efficient path to relevant content

The right post at the right time

Trendwatch provides the material required for the selection of the posts that are to be published and their target- compliant content. Due to the seamless integration into the Facelift Cloud, it is thus the ideal complement to the Publishing module, which allows for an efficient handling of all of the relevant coordination and approval processes that are required for content planning, post implementation and publishing.

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Long-term topic selection and impulse posts

With the aid of Trendwatch, the fundamental content plan should thus be validated. The company is pursuing several topics such as “automobile liability insurance,” “household” and “dental insurance.” A whole six months before the automobile insurance changeover date, – and much earlier than anticipated – Trendwatch shows increased activity on this topic on Twitter and across other online media. The post “New car insurance – what you should pay attention to,” which was scheduled for a later date, is published right away and reaches the car owners, who appreciate meaningful advice and are open for good deals by the company, at the best possible time.

Efficient and sustainable topic selection

Trendwatch has been designed to enrich your creative process by providing valuable suggestions. Different comfort features ensure that this is a cinch:

Source relevance: The Trendwatch module considers curated sources with high reach to provide you with an overview of what’s important and to thus further accelerate the brainstorming phase.

Precise analysis: All contents for your considered topics can be filtered by platform at any given time. As such, you can immediately see if a topic is discussed with a different emphasis on Facebook compared to other editorial online media and whether a channel- specific adaptation of your planned content might prove to be useful.

A holistic approach thanks to intelligent integration into the Publisher module

Like all other modules, the Trendwatch module fits seamlessly into the Facelift Cloud. Therefore, you can integrate your watched threads directly into the Publisher module and view them via “Content Suggestions” menu item without changing the module – for all of those instances, in which you want to search for an exciting headline for your chosen topic with just one click.

Download further advantages of the Trendwatch module here!


Eight advantages that the Trendwatch of the Facelift Cloud has to offer

1. Process Speed

Significant acceleration of the otherwise complicated topic selection process

2. Content

In-depth data for processing your content in a manner that conforms to your target group

3. Priorities

Facilitates prioritising of topics thanks to the labelling of viral trends

4. Languages

More than 40 languages are supported in more than 110 countries and thus allow for global use

5. Data

Historical data allows you to trace long-term developments and seasonal effects

6. Integration

Seamless integration into the Facelift Cloud Publisher fort he direct transfer oft he content to the post creation stage

7. Analysis

Comprehensive statistics for further analysis and reporting

8. Export

Export function for all data for use in editorial conferences or business intelligence solutions