Social CRM

All data combined in a unique Social CRM

Social CRM

All data combined in a unique Social CRM

Use a consolidated database to reconnect with your fans and customers

For the first time ever on a platform, it is now possible to bring data together from different parts of social media activities to a single data point. The result is the first exclusive Social CRM as an entire module of the Facelift Cloud.

What makes it so unique? The Facelift Cloud has a consolidated database across all channels, campaigns and activities. The social media user IDs and email addresses serve as a unique identification of the user, simplifying personalised targeting actions. The most recent user data is available to you, by granting permissions from the social logins of Facebook, Twitter and Google. If the users name, their interests or place of residency has been changed, you will realise it instantly. Naturally, user profiles do not always contain information that is relevant for brands. Therefore, you have the possibility to request additional individual user information through the Engagement module’s “Microsites”, making the personalised user profiles perfect.

Download further advantages of the Social CRM module here!


Construction of your own Social CRM

All actions that you create in the Engagement module provide data that can be predefined about every participant. As well as creating standardised queries, you can also integrate your own individualised queries at every step of the actions’ creation process. The data is accumulated in the same location thanks to a distinct profile assignment, and is constantly kept up to date by the participant himself. Already delivered data is verified and updated if, for example, the email address has been changed.

Diverse data mining options

Once the valuable user data has been obtained, if then needs to be refined and applied to specific campaign purposes. The Facelift Cloud offers a variety of filters, searches and data mining options, to form individual audiences. You can then use this data for email and custom audience campaigns on Facebook.

Furthermore, the Facelift Cloud provides a depiction of the customer journey and analyses data such as user behaviour, geographic origin, used devices and browser versions. The time period to be analysed can be customised and can be then released in individual reports. The data can then be released in individual reports. For the creation and imaging of reports, the Dashboard repeatedly plays a decisive role enabling the flexible and simple analyses of data. In addition, all acquired user data can be transferred to third-party systems such as newsletter, CRM, or other business intelligence solutions via bulk-upload or real-time, to make the data available across the entire organisation.

Completely compliant concerning data privacy

The major difference between the Facelift Cloud and other providers is that we ensure full data privacy in compliance with German banking standards. The Facelift Cloud is the only all-in-one solution with an ISO-27001 certification, and therefore complies to the highest IT security standards. Furthermore, the functions can be flexibly activated and deactivated, to ensure your settings comply with your companies’ individual data privacy guidelines.

Download further advantages of the Social CRM module here!


The eight advantages that the Social CRM of the Facelift Cloud has to offer:

1. Central CRM

Merge and harness generated data in a central location

2. Combine data

Accumulate publicly available, already gathered and newly individual data

3. Custom audiences

Generate custom audiences and the best possible targeting through inclusion and exclusion

4. User profiles

Quick access to all details of users and user groups

5. Dynamic user profiles

Current data is permanently available through dynamic user profiles

6. External systems

Alignment and expansion of already existing databases

7. Datasecurity

Data storage in compliance to German banking standards

8. Cross-channel user

Cross-platform identification of specific participants