Professional publishing for your entire social media appearance


Professional publishing for your entire social media appearance

Central and comfortable creation and publishing of posts

Publish on various social media channels at once: create content, select channels, share and publish posts, all in a single workflow. You provide the content for posts (text, media files and additional briefings) and further internal processing only requires a few clicks. Channel-specific formats can be edited and customised directly within the post, in order to optimally finalise the publication.

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Cross-channel content preferences enable multi-channel publishing

Not only is the simultaneous creation of posts for countless pages possible, but the simultaneous placement on various social platforms is also available with the “Master-Story” mode. Content is only created once and can then be transferred across all channels, on different platforms, with only one click. Therefore, content on the one hand is available, and the desired platforms on the other hand are predefined. Adjustments for individual channels can always be adapted and revised in the same workflow. Use templates not only for content, but also for preset target groups, specific landing pages and page groups. Allow editors to access predefined post settings.

Approval processes for optimal workflows in your team

After a post has been created, it can then be reviewed and optimised by the relevant team members through Facelift’s intuitive release process. Specify the user name of the employee and start the process. All team members involved, ranging from the page and post owner all the way to the graphic designer and the person who approves the final post, can be kept up to date and can interact through the discussion feature directly in the post. The current status is always accessible in the post plan as well as directly in the posting itself.

Templates from a global content pool

Fast and clear post creation from existing content ensures maximum efficiency. Use the custom template collection (content pool) to globally specify content standards for further processing and to make them available as quickly as possible. For global use, the content pool also provides exciting insights on the respective performance of the content template. Other users and other markets can therefore see how often a template has been used and whether the template works as planned.

Download further advantages of the Publishing module here:


Eight advantages that the Publishing of the Facelift Cloud has to offer:

1. Full control

Always have full control of all internal and external stakeholders and resources, including the differentiated roles and rights systematics.

2. Multiple publishing

Easily publish posts on dozens or hundreds of Facebook fan pages and other channels and manage them with an optional opt-out system.

3. Perfect teamwork

Establish individual approval processes and publish the perfectly adjusted post

4. Master-story mode

Avoid double handling with the ”Master-Story” mode and display posts on multiple channels

5. Central content pool

Global content pool for quick and clear allocation of posting templates for local or international adaption

6. Central post plan

Perfect overview of all planned and already published posts of all channels through comprehensive post plan

7. Tagging and tracking

Campaign tagging and tracking through global tagging system and sensible filter and sorting options

8. Trending topics

Use Topic suggestions from current trending topics for an immediate adoption as a link post