Big Data becomes Smart Data – easier than ever before


Big Data becomes Smart Data – easier than ever before

Advancement through knowledge with holistic monitoring. Online and offline

Unmanageable amounts of new, public information – news, tweets, blogs, forum posts, reviews, and many more – are published in the digital hemisphere every single minute.

Companies are faced with the challenge of systematically evaluating this data. The overwhelming flood of information from public sources often means that aspects that are very relevant for any purchase decision and image-related factors may be overlooked and decisions are thus not made on the basis of extensive information.

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The Monitoring module of the Facelift Cloud – powered by Ubermetrics

The Monitoring module of the Facelift Cloud – powered by Uber Metrics – allows you to gain control of this omnipresent wealth of data as well as derive valuable insights concerning prospective customers, products, brands, and competitors. As such, you can create a well- founded basis for future decision-making within very different divisions. In addition, you are always aware where, how, and why social media players are talking about your portfolio – in order to intervene constructively or de-escalate the situation when appropriate.

360° Monitoring – from Setting Up to the Analysis

To notice shit storms and curb them before they spread uncontrollably across various media, setting up specific alerts is recommended. They will notify selected individuals immediately once the fully customisable warning conditions are met. Whether it is a certain amount of content, tags with a negative connotation, percentage increases in written contributions or a measurable deterioration of the average tonality of all contributions or any other criteria, Facelift Cloud users themselves may determine these criteria.

Presentations and Studies by Experts - Managed Analytics Services

Our managed services always come to mind whenever you would like to further professionalize the typical data analysis and treatment operations. A team of qualified market researchers and marketing professionals with years of experience is available to create convincing reports, comprehensive studies and attractive PowerPoint presentations for internal and external purposes.

Conclusion: The Monitoring module turns mountains of data into added value for all corporate sectors and provides all relevant services from a single source as a managed service given the possible integration of offline media and competent support.

Download further advantages of the Monitoring module here!


The 8 Main Advantages of the Monitoring Module of the Facelift Cloud:

1. Analyses

Intuitive analysis of brands, products, services, and related issues

2. Languages

More than 70 supported languages in more than 230 countries allow for global use

3. Sources

Complete source coverage: online and offline media in an environment

4. Data quality

Highest data quality via content that can be curated and adaptive Sentiment Analysis

5. Data storage

Retrospective analysis using historical data possible at any time

6. Alerts

Smart alert functions and comfortable newsletter prevent shit storms

7. Professionals

If you are looking for more: analysis and presentation creation by professionals

8. Export

Export function for all data; data processing for presentation purposes