Community management of your social media presence – all centrally in one place


Community management of your social media presence – all centrally in one place

More activities in user communication lead to increasing complexity

Users today expect social communication to be varied, visually appealing and as interactive as possible, and that response times to postings are short. Combined with increased expectations within the organisation, this tremendously increases the effort and pressure on those responsible in marketing, especially when it comes to managing, for example, many fan pages with fans across the world at the same time.

The Facelift Cloud provides a solid system for the future, which can be used to integrate and centrally manage other social media marketing channels such as Twitter, YouTube and Instagram that are relevant in addition to Facebook.

Download further advantages of the Moderation module here!


One module for monitoring and management

The moderation module boasts an extensive workflow management for optimal teamwork, including a dedicated role and rights system. Through the automated monitoring of all incoming posts, brand ambassadors can be identified and competitors monitored and evaluated. Exclusive features such as the grouping function of fan pages or sentiment analysis via “SentiSense” complete the module.

Many advantages for all those involved both internally and externally of the organisation

Various useful features help you to increase the efficiency in moderation, to immediately identify critical postings, to avoid errors when editing and to easily publish on as many fan pages as you wish. The advantages for various people within and outside of your organisation are obvious:

  • Social media managers will no longer miss anything: they see every post, every tweet, every comment, every reply and every message in a real-time feed.
  • Digital marketing managers always have the complete overview of all fan pages, all tweets, all activities, all participants and all results.
  • Agencies can assume well-defined tasks within the process, such as content creation of community management.

Your personal dashboard for all of your fan pages and channels

Thanks to the multi-page dashboard, you get a quick overview of all of your fan pages in real-time! You can very easily add any of your own fan pages as well as the fan pages of competitors to the dashboard and, if you desire, also assign any fan page to one or more individually created groups.

For each of your fan pages in the dashboard, you will see the number of the new posts, comments and messages; critical posts are marked in color and can be identified immediately. In addition, you can also view the number of fans, the reach and the date of the last activity as well as display your Dashboard in a list or tile view if desired. In the list view, you can filter and sort according to different criteria.

Download further advantages of the Moderation module here!


Eight advantages that the Moderation of the Facelift Cloud has to offer:

1. Permanent control

Permanent control – not one post stays unnoticed

2. Mood analysis

Immediate recognition of mood impressions. This guarantees regulation as quickly as possible

3. Team workflow

Individual focus through perfected team workflow

4. Roles & rights system

Clear distribution of action ranges and responsibilities

5. Cross-channel workflow

Cross-platform workflows for all channels

6. Simple processes

Simple community management through clear structures and automation processes

7. 100% efficiency

Internal communication directly where it is needed the most

8. Central templating

Quickly and globally adjustable actions through comprehensive template structures