Better engagement and higher conversion – microsites increase digital campaign efficiency


Better engagement and higher conversion – microsites increase digital campaign efficiency

Optimised for engagement with the user: interactive social microsites

In simple terms, a social microsite is an HTML page, executed on Facebook, on the web and/or on mobile devices, which is designed and optimised for engagement with the user. Social microsites make it possible to transform marketing messages into user engagement, i.e. interactive user experience, simultaneously generating qualified user data. Using the Facebook login, you can also receive access to the users’ Open Graph and therefore make essential Facebook functions usable. Since they can be accessed via desktop AND while mobile, completely independent of the platform, social microsites allow you the maximum reachability of the user on Facebook, the web and while mobile!

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You have access to the world‘s largest catalog of success mechanisms

With the engagement module, social microsites can be created with just a few clicks, entirely without programming skills or technical support. You have access to the world’s largest catalog of proven engagement mechanisms for social microsites: with more than 50 interactive mechanisms, hundreds of different marketing campaigns are possible. Ranging from simple prize games to complex multi-fan campaigns and the integration of offline instruments such as coupons. All social microsites are editable, maintenance-free and can be used on all channels: Facebook, web and while mobile! Facelift Cloud guarantees maximum reach for each social media marketing campaign!

Actions with social microsites increase the efficiency of your advertising campaigns:

  • Actions with social microsites offer greater user interaction and higher conversion, thanks to the personalisation via profile data of the user, a variety of engagement mechanisms, and social context.
  • Actions with social microsites allow brands the maximum freedom in the expansion of content, for the realisation of all strategic objectives, such as lead generation, multi-media content, and data collection.
  • Actions with social microsites allow for the structured recording and qualification of user data, e.g. via Facebook login or individual entry forms.
  • Actions with social microsites provide for compliance with statutory regulations through the user-friendly integration of participation and privacy conditions; ideal for sales-oriented campaigns (vouchers, etc.), since personalisation and quantitative restrictions are possible.

Facelift exclusive: Bundle all actions into one hub with the Engagement-Hub

With the Engagement-Hub, all actions run in parallel and are bundled into one central Hub. In contrast to independent, side-by-side running or individually programmed actions, with Engagement-Hub, users always have the same master action in which they can see all of the current actions of the brand. Another advantage is that the users only have to give consent once to retrieve their data (e.g. Facebook permission). The Engagement-Hub saves this permission and applies it to all following actions. For every contact with the users, the Hub synchronises their data so that a qualified user database can be gradually built: name, birthday, email, education, city, friends, likes, check-ins and/or photos, etc. The Engagement-Hub uses this data for all of the actions in the hub, e.g. to personalise content and therefore to increase the intensity of use and conversion. It is the de facto starting point of your own „social CRM“!

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Eight advantages that the Engagement of the Facelift Cloud has to offer:

1. With only one click!

Realise quick and simple mobile-optimised social microsites and interactive Facebook apps at any time

2. User engagement

World's largest selection of success mechanisms with over 50 mechanisms for hundreds of different marketing campaigns

3. Design-Editor

Implement all campaigns with small effort in your own design and content

4. On all devices

All campaigns can be easily executed on Facebook, the web and while mobile

5. Realtime preview

Test, optimise and adapt all actions, even while being live

6. User-analytics

Full transparency of all participant data and performance values of every action, including the source of the traffic

7. Multipage campaigns

Extend any action to any number of fan pages and websites

8. Legally conformal

All actions are guaranteed to be legally and Facebook-compliant, including automatic updates