Your Dashboard for a quick overview of your social media marketing activities


Your Dashboard for a quick overview of your social media marketing activities

All figures, metrics and KPIs at a glance

The Dashboard of the Facelift Cloud has only one task: to provide a quick overview of all of the information relating to your social media marketing activities. This will show you all relevant information so that you can immediately see where there is a need for action. You will never lack relevant data, because activities on social media channels generate new data every second. It is therefore very crucial to convert data into relevant information, in order to gain an overview and to be able to make the right decisions quickly.

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Create your individual Dashboard containing only the most relevant KPIs

Your personal Facelift Cloud Dashboard can make a decisive contribution to this. Due to the integrated architecture alone, the Facelift Cloud offers the enormous advantage that the entire data from all of your social media marketing activities – ranging from community management over engagement to advertising – is centrally hosted and available to you in real time. In the Monitoring module, this data is aggregated and presented comprehensively. It is the job of the Dashboard to show you the key figures, metrics and KPIs on only one page in a simple and visually pleasing way.

Create dashboards easily via drag & drop and configure widgets

Countless practical widgets to easily configure your personal Dashboard are immediately available, and more are being added on a monthly basis. This way, you can display the most important KPIs for your specific task, such as fan growth on all or select pages, the engagement rate from any action or – thanks to the integrated “SentiSense” analysis – the mood of postings and comments. Regardless of the metrics, figures or KPIs you want to track and show, the widgets can easily be configured to suit your individual requirements. If you would like, you can have current posts from your fan pages shown in the Dashboard or integrate external data sources in your Dashboard. Whatever is important for you – and/or your team – you can certainly display it in the Dashboard. In addition to the dashboards to which you can also grant others access, you can also create “private” dashboards that only you can access.

Your Dashboard as a quick springboard into the Facelift Cloud

See, recognise, act – this is the efficient working method on which the Dashboard is based. 1. You see the most important aspects at a glance. 2. You can recognise where there is a need for action. 3. One click, a new window opens and you are taken directly from the corresponding widget of the Dashboard to the corresponding point in the Facelift Cloud where you can act immediately.

Download further advantages of the Dashboard module here!


Eight advantages that the Dashboard of the Facelift Cloud has to offer:

1. Maintain an overview

Allows you to keep an eye on the big picture since the most important information can be recorded and monitored at a glance

2. Individualisation

Ability to create, share and export individual dashboards for all requirements

3. External widgets

Countless widgets for internal and external data sources are available to choose from and are fully customisable

4. All KPIs at a glance

Track, analyse and visualise all relevant figures, metrics and KPIs in real-time

5. Valuable insights

Make better decisions, you can always make your decisions based on current information

6. Optimal flow of information

Inform and control teams better, as dashboards enable the structured access to the right information

7. 100% efficiency

Respond more quickly to avoid problems or take advantage of opportunities – You immediately detect where there is an acute need for action

8. Intelligent deep links

Use the Dashboard as a springboard for your activities – since you can jump from the widget directly into the respective application of the Facelift Cloud