Analyse your competition, identify your hot-topics and receive valuable information about your users


Analyse your competition, identify your hot-topics and receive valuable information about your users

The most extensive competitive analysis for effective social media marketing

As part of the Facelift Cloud and in addition to the analysis of your own channels, the Benchmarking module gives you access to an additional source of information in order to permanently strengthen and expand your market position: the competition. You will be given privacy-compliant access to the social media activities of specific market participants and can gain precise insights as to which social media activities make for particularly good results in your industry and which mistakes of your competitors you can avoid. As such, you ensure that your intended brand message will attract maximum attention.

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Sustained control of your social media channels

The operators of social networks often only provide data for channels other than their own for a short period of time – Facebook, for example, only does so for 28 days. The benchmarking module solves this problem and represents all information for all networks over the course of time. In turn, you are able to clearly distinguish the fundamental developments from short- term phenomena. The advantage is obvious: You can see whether your competitor has made structural changes to its social media communication, has only been able to produce an isolated lucky strike or whether the entire industry is experiencing a seasonal effect. Thereafter, particularly striking developments can be put through a detailed analysis during the next step in order to derive useful impetus and concrete recommendations for your social media presence.

Control targeted content

The analysis of your competitors at the macro level and in line with clear KPIs inevitably leads to the question of how to explain the changes that you have observed – and how to use them to the advantage of your brand. Therefore, you are given complete access to all published posts including user reactions for any date or period via the benchmarking module – from Facebook posts to YouTube videos. With just one click, representative lists with concrete examples as to what kind of content achieved a high reach and activated the community can be created.

Holistic operations thanks to a seamless integration into the Dashboard module

Like all modules, the benchmarking module fits seamlessly into the Facelift Cloud. Whether you already use the dashboard module or would like to use it in the future: All competition analysis functionalities are available as widgets and can be integrated as desired. As such, you will be given your personal command centre, which always keeps you informed about all decision-relevant processes in your company and the overall market in real time.

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The eight most important reasons for Facelift Cloud Benchmarking

1. Optimised editorial planning

Get expert content for editorial planning by competitor-analyses

2. Improved expectation management

Identify which targets are realistic by using competitive data

3. Identify and avoid mistakes

Avoid mistakes of others and turn shitstorms into candystorms

4. Optimal profile sharpening

Profile sharpening thanks to the complete overview of your market positioning

5. All relevant channels are integrated

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: Integration of all relevant social media channels

6. Real-time KPI evaluation

All operating figures available in real time for evaluation

7. Always keep competitors in sight

Always keep an eye on the right competitors in highly dynamic markets

8. Precise control of success

The success of your own social media activities may be substantiated at any time