The Facebook & Instagram advertising system from media professionals, for media professionals


The Facebook & Instagram advertising system from media professionals, for media professionals

Plan, manage and optimise your advertising on Facebook and Twitter

The advertising module of Facelift Cloud is a powerful system for media professionals in agencies and companies. It was developed in close cooperation between Facelift advertising professionals and Facelift software developers. For this purpose, requirements and demands from everyday media work were specifically implemented in technological solutions by developers, and these solutions were then tested and used by advertising colleagues. Using the “build-measure-learn” principle, a powerful process-optimised and highly scalable Facebook advertising system was created, which far exceeds the scope of service of Facebook’s own “Power Editor” and “Ads Manager” tools.

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Our claim: maximum usability for everyday work from media professionals

And since it was developed specifically for Facebook advertising, the usability, performance and practicality go far beyond the tools that were originally developed for other channels and that Facebook only additionally integrated. The difference can be seen in everyday work: All functionalities of the Facelift Cloud are optimised for the practice of advertising professionals and are continuously updated with many useful features. Maximum usability for everyday working, process and click-optimised user flow, the automation of work steps and scalability are always in focus during development.

Powerful before, during and after the campaign

A central dashboard for all planned, current and previous campaigns combined with proven functionalities for the multi-ad (set) creation process as well as for campaign optimisation in real-time are at the center of the advertising module. Different options are available for planning campaigns: from specific targeting via Facebook data sources to advanced targeting through input customer data. The appropriate advertising content can be easily created in all Facebook advertising formats and tested in a live preview: all important release routines are integrated. The built-in booking engine determines the optimal timing for the most efficient budget allocation and enables the rapid creation and placement of campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Exclusive: Dynamic landing pages based on ad parameters

The Facelift exclusive dynamic landing pages dynamically adapt their visual appearance and/or contents to the targeting criteria of the Facebook campaign. The contents of the landing pages are automatically generated through the acquisition of the title, texts and images from individual Facebook ads. Dynamic landing pages are particularly useful if many different target groups and campaigns are created. You then no longer need hundreds of individual landing pages, but rather only to define a set of basic parameters/logics. The landing pages then dynamically and automatically generate for each target group.

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Eight advantages that the Advertising of the Facelift Cloud has to offer:

1. From advertising professionals for advertising professionals

Development based on thousands of successful Facebook campaigns from the Facelift advertising team

2. A powerful system

A powerful system for Facebook advertising – all functionalities of Facebook's own tools, optimised and expanded with many useful features

3. Maximum usability for the user

Process and click-optimised user flow, automation of work steps and high scalability

4. Continuous further development

Based on Facebook advertising products as well as requirements and needs of the user; access to beta products

5. Support from Germany

Over 20 employees offer support from Facelift HQ in Hamburg. The team can be reached at any time by telephone or email

6. Open for external systems

A German team of developers allows for the highest level of flexibility and responsiveness to specific customer requests

7. Maximum data security

Maximum security according to the banking standard through hosting on Facelift's own servers in Germany.

8. Always Facebook compliant

The whole system always meets the current platform guidelines and regulations for advertising on Facebook