Truly Integrated Digital Marketing Platform

Truly Integrated Digital Marketing Platform

Get to know the Facelift Cloud

An integrated system for social media marketing, optimised for Facebook

The Facelift Cloud is a multi-certified software solution with all components for professional social media marketing on an enterprise level – optimised for the most important channel Facebook.
The Facelift Cloud consists of the nine modules Dashboard, Moderation, Publishing, Advertising, Engagement, Trendwatch, Monitoring, Social CRM and Benchmarking, enabling the management of all activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WordPress, Pinterest, Xing and LinkedIn centrally and efficiently, in a scalable cloud solution. All practical matters such as workflow management, templating, data exchange, content pooling, roles/permissions management, documentation etc. are integrated.
Facelift Cloud is fully hosted in Germany as a SaaS (Software as a Service) system, is ISO 27001 certified and thus meets the highest security standards.


The Dashboard of the Facelift Cloud has only one task: to provide a quick overview of all of the information relating to your social media marketing activities. This will show you all relevant information so that you can immediately see where there is a need for action. You will never lack relevant data, because activities on social media channels generate new data every second. It is therefore very crucial to convert data into relevant information in order to gain an overview and to be able to make the right decisions quickly.

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With the engagement module, social microsites can be created with just a few clicks, entirely without programming skills or technical support. You have access to the world’s largest catalog of proven engagement mechanisms for social microsites: with more than 50 interactive mechanisms, hundreds of different marketing campaigns are possible. Ranging from simple prize games to complex multi-fan campaigns and the integration of offline instruments such as coupons. All social microsites are editable, maintenance-free and can be used on all channels: Facebook, web and while mobile! Facelift Cloud guarantees maximum reach for each social media marketing campaign!

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Publish on various social media channels at once: create content, select channels, share and publish posts, all in a single workflow. You provide the content for posts (text, media files and additional briefings) and further internal processing only requires a few clicks. Channel-specific formats can be edited and customised directly within the post, in order to optimally finalise the publication.

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The moderation module boasts an extensive workflow management for optimal teamwork, including a dedicated role and rights system. Through the automated monitoring of all incoming posts, brand ambassadors can be identified and competitors monitored and evaluated. Exclusive features such as the grouping function of fan pages or sentiment analysis via “SentiSense” complete the module.

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The advertising module of Facelift Cloud is a powerful system for media professionals in agencies and companies. It was developed in close cooperation between Facelift advertising professionals and Facelift software developers. For this purpose, requirements and demands from everyday media work were specifically implemented in technological solutions by developers, and these solutions were then tested and used by advertising colleagues. Using the “build — measure — learn” principle, a powerful process-optimised and highly scalable Facebook advertising system was created, which far exceeds the scope of service of Facebook’s own “Power Editor” and “Ads Manager” tools.

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Trendwatch provides the material required for the selection of the posts that are to be published and their target- compliant content. Due to the seamless integration into the Facelift Cloud, it is thus the ideal complement to the Publishing module, which allows for an efficient handling of all of the relevant coordination and approval processes that are required for content planning, post implementation and publishing.

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Social CRM

For the first time ever on a platform, it is now possible to bring data together from different parts of social media activities to a single data point. The result is the first exclusive Social CRM as an entire module of the Facelift Cloud. What makes it so unique? The Facelift Cloud has a consolidated database across all channels, campaigns and activities. The social media user IDs and email addresses serve as a unique identification of the user, simplifying personalised targeting actions. The most recent user data is available to you, by granting permissions from the social logins of Facebook, Twitter and Google.

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Don’t just leave your social network success down to coincidence. The Benchmarking Module allows you to analyze your appearances on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Google Analytics and YouTube daily. Not only do you gain useful insights into your own markets but you will also be able to keep a watchful eye on your competition at all times. Make important decisions based on the data and facts which generate the biggest success for you with your social media strategy. The Benchmarking Module is fully integrated into the Facelift Cloud.

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Media Library

Management of unlimited rich media content for campaigns, posts, etc.

Lead Generation

Both automated and manual entry forms to collect user data


Integrated incentives to increase participation in campaigns

Viral Boost

Reward scheme for inviting friends to participate in a promotion

CSS Editor

Full web design flexibility with CSS code editing or our integrated design engine


Template-based actions for easy reuse (including all social microsites settings)


Fan generation by requiring "like" in order to participate in actions

Time Management

Automatic start and stop time for each action


Social microsites in predefined languages or auto-adapted to user settings


User data exported in CSV/XML or pushed to your CRM system


Simultaneous use of all functions for any number of fanpages and fans

Test Pages

Free use of platform on test fanpages


Automatic platform updates after changes made to Facebook API


Personal telephone support – 24/7 and in any language if needed


Secure hosting in accordance with the strictest data protection standards