Targeting new fans and increasing Engagement

Etisalat chose Facelift Cloud as the certified Facebook Marketing solution to grow their fan base significantly and increase engagement with little but efficient effort. They engaged their fan base by the use of social microsites such as Quiz, Voting Contest, Kick-Out, Games and Goodies, and helped them gain over 728K new fans.

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Centralizing Social Media activities across 10 Countries

Lulu Group International is a highly diversified entity spanning over the Middle East, Asia and Africa region. Spearheaded by the retail division the group has interests in Import-Export, Trading, Shipping, IT, Travel & Tourism and Education. Lulu used Facelift to manage the regions by assigning different users and assets under regional and local teams. They scheduled over 100+ posts per month and by running social activations using the Facelift Cloud were able to acquire more than a million fans.

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Consolidating all Global Facebook Activities

The Dax-30 Group Bayer AG, with an annual revenue of 36.5 billion euros, more than 350 legal entities and more than 110,000 employees globally, started using the Facelift Cloud in mid-2012 . Their key objective is to employ the Facelift Cloud as a global power tool for all Bayer AG’s Facebook activities.
Thomas Helfrich, Global Head of Social Media at Bayer: “We are very happy to have found a solution that consolidates all our fanpage activities on one platform. The Facelift Cloud now makes it easy to implement our corporate identity guidelines across all regional teams.”

100,000 New Fans in 12 Months

With almost 300 movie screens, CinemaxX is one of the leading cinema operators in Germany and is recognized as a leading innovator in the industry. CinemaxX regularly surprises its competitors with great new ideas and concepts for their online marketing. With a wide range of social microsites and features, the Facelift Cloud allows CinemaxX to offer attractive ad promotions to their huge fanbase .
Oliver Knoblauch, Head of New Media at CinemaxX: “We recognized the importance of Social Media early on and have been working with Facelift from the start. With the help of the Facelift Cloud platform we have significantly improved our KPIs and created new formats for our fans and partners!”

First Class on Facebook

Die Deutsche Bahn is the largest railway company in Central Europe. The company launched its Facebook Fan Page already in 2011 to provide quick solutions to customer questions and problems. Facebook quickly established itself as a unique channel for customer dialogue. Today, DB has a social media team of 15 people and has since then launched several other Fan Pages on Facebook. These for example include national pages such as DB City Nightline or DB Karriere. However, DB is also represented internationally on Facebook in countries such as the UK, France and Italy. Die Deutsche Bahn realized the potential of social media from early on and started using the Facelift Cloud right away. The range of services the Facelift Cloud provides, does not only involve Facelift technologies but also efficient Facebook advertising via the „Managed Ad Services“.

80,000 New Food Fans in just 8 Months

EatSmarter is one of the top formats for food in Europe. Via online and print, EatSmarter is read by hundreds of thousands of food and cooking aficionados. EatSmarter wanted to transfer this reach to Facebook in order to offer marketing partners new advertising formats. Through the targeted use of Engagement and advertising campaigns, the EatSmarter community increased by 80,000 fans in only 8 months.
Dirk Manthey, Owner of EatSmarter: „Facelift is the ideal partner for us. We were in need of the right tools to help us get things done efficiently, quickly, and self-sufficiently. The Facelift Cloud was ideal for this – especially in combination with advertising!“

Cross Media Campaigns with the Facelift Cloud

FRoSTA is the German market leader for frozen food and was the first frozen food company to remove all food additives in 2003. The company runs high-visibility campaigns on TV, print, and online and was long searching for a suitable way to link these to the FRoSTA fanpage. With the Facelift Cloud and its huge catalogue of social microsites, FRoSTA found the optimal solution to glue it altogether.

Marike Paulsen, Online Marketing Manager of FRoSTA “With FanActivator™ Apps running on all of our campaigns, it has been a huge advantage to implement these all by myself. It has actually saved me a lot of time by significantly reducing the alignment effort.”

1,200 renowned brands trust Facelift

Our customer portfolio includes over 20 industries, ranging from international industrial conglomerates to regional SMEs. Since the Facelift Cloud is designed as a modular system and the extent of advertising campaigns is flexible, companies with smaller budgets can also benefit from the effectiveness of our solutions immediately.

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